Ignacio Torras

Ignacio “Nacho” Torras was born in Barcelona – Spain where he spent his youth. Before settling in Houston he lived eight years in Brazil and Mexico, and arrived here in 1989, at the time Houston was considered the Chemicals and Petrochemicals capital of the world, and the city’s top restaurants were Café Annie, Beef and Bird or Tony’s in Post Oak, and the Colombe d’Or daily special was priced at the value of the Crude closing of the day (in the $20’s p/bbl!!). After working for a couple of petrochemical trading multinationals, he moved to Panama in 1996 to open Tricon Energy, which has since become a frontrunner in the marketing, distribution and trading of commodities around the world, with activities in over 100 countries. He moved back to Houston in 1999 for good, where he lives with his wife Isabel and have raised four kids.

In one of his constant travels, he met Luis and both forged a solid friendship that evolved on the idea of bringing to Houston a concept that would represent the best of Spanish culture, and which would center on Luis’s cooking ideas of traditional recipes, accompanied by some of the best Spanish wines and combined with some of the other cultural values, including it’s art and hospitality.